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    Recorded Webinar: Cloud Governance and Management – Challenges and Success Strategies

    Inability to predict costs, lack of control and governance are among some of the pressing concerns companies considering moving to

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    Companies looking to move applications to the cloud typically have several options: move them as they are using IaaS, refactor

    Recorded Webinar: Best Practices for Designing Cloud Applications on Azure PaaS

    One cannot leverage all the elastic infrastructure in cloud if your architecture is not scalable. Whether you are developing new

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    When considering a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution versus a traditional on-premise software application, one needs to keep in mind several factors

    iOS vs. Android vs. HTML5 – making the decision

    It’s been said that in regards to the question of which mobile platform is the best to target for development,

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    The Motifworks Difference: Message From the CEO

    December 11, 2013

    CEO Nitin Agarwal describes Motifworks mission to help companies accelerate their development in cloud and mobile.