Motifworks recently completed a webinar series on the Internet of Things (IoT).  We created this series to help you gain a holistic understanding of where you can start with IoT, how it works, and helpful tips to get the most out of IoT for your organization.

This series is a perfect way to introduce, or reacquaint, yourself with the  Internet of Things, and it’s now available to view On-Demand

In our first webinar, we discussed the potential provided by IoT applications to help you grow your business. Part one gives concrete IoT use cases from various industries to explain how the applications improve productivity.  Watch this webinar if you are interested in discovering the key capabilities of Azure IoT Hub and how it can assist you in the beginning stages of your IoT initiatives without having to make a costly upfront investment.

In part two, we took a deeper look into the Azure IoT Solution Architecture. We talked about how to manage Azure IoT using device communication and Azure capabilities to achieve successful business results.   Techies unite!  If you are interested in Azure IoT Solution Architecture, Device Communication, Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics, as well as Azure Functions, this webinar is for you!

Part three concluded with the Best Practices for Implementing IoT Solutions. This is the perfect webinar to watch if you need an overview of the benefits IoT can offer your company. In this webinar we discussed  how to create a scalable and robust IoT solution to achieve long-lasting business results.  We talked about Security, Performance, Monitoring, and Scalability.

Motifworks is here, not only to help you implement the Internet of Things for your company, but to help you gain an understanding, as a business decision maker, of how to execute IoT using the data you already have. Contact us to learn more about a POC (proof of concept) assessment to help you along your journey.

Jumpstart Your IoT Journey

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Azure IoT Solution Architecture

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Best Practices For Implementing IoT

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