Meet Thalia – The Right Hand of Motifworks

Meet Thalia, our marketing associate, and admin extraordinaire!  Thalia helps execute marketing campaigns, manages our social media presence and manages our billing and accounts receivables.  She’s an all-around get ‘er done kind of lady!  Thalia studied [...]

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How Big Data Analytics can be Applied in Various Industries

While approximately 41% of companies worldwide use big data analytics to make smarter business decisions, 53% of these enterprises are in North America alone, according to research by BARC. Like others, are you too interested in [...]

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Satya Nadella– How the Microsoft Visionary Inspires Partners to Achieve More

From the choice as a fallback when he was selected as the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has generated over $250 billion in market value in just 3 1/2 years since he took office. When [...]

The Secret to Shipping More Cargo with Reduced Supply Chain & Logistics Costs

Ever wonder if there’s a magic formula that could dramatically reduce your costs, improve profit margins, and drive more value to end-users? We’re positive there’s no magic formula, however, we know that the cloud and [...]

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Meet Jason – Motifworks’ Cloud Solution Architect Extraordinaire!

Meet Jason, farmer, cloud guru, and all around cool guy! Many of you may already know Jason.  In fact, you may have talked with him on one or more occasion.  He works with Motifworks’ clients to build [...]

All About Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing as Emerging Legal Technologies

The Legal industry, unlike other businesses, has historically approached change in moderation, reflecting lawyers’ responsibility to respect historical norms and instances. However, lawyers, and firms alike, must also innovate, because with changing times, existing norms [...]