In today’s fast-paced and far-reaching business environment, staying connected to your staff, colleagues, partners, and clients is more important than ever.  Law firms face many challenges to maintain compliance all while expecting their technology solutions to reduce overhead, increase billable hours or enact alternate billing models, enhance productivity, and provide the ability to work anywhere, anytime.


Slower Growth

Firms face a number of market forces that challenge top-line growth: price competition, the push for greater efficiency, an expanding competitive landscape and the force majeure that is technical innovation, all of which have created a new playing field for Big Law.

Fierce Competition

Firms continue to face competition from alternative legal service providers. Alternative legal service providers are growing rapidly and are picking off low-value areas of legal work, thereby depressing demand growth for traditional firms. Corporate law departments continue to grow and keep more work in-house.

Alternative Legal Services

Technological advancements have the potential to reshape the way business is conducted. As firms and in-house teams slowly adapt to this changing landscape, the options for alternative legal services have grown exponentially, providing an abundance of cost-effective solutions to the efficiency obstacles that firms and in-house teams face.

AI systems may be able to aid lawyers by performing legal research on relevant case law and applicable statutes in a faster and more thorough manner than what lawyers may be able to do on their own. Such AI systems may also be powerful enough to use data to predict the outcome of litigation and enable lawyers to provide more impactful advice to their clients in connection with dispute resolution issues.
The Time Tracking mobile app brings the convenience of tracking time as simple as taking notes. Partners can record their time easily and quickly as it happens from wherever they are.
Using Artificial Intelligence to automate time entry process, our technology does the heavy lifting of matching narrative notes with client, case, and activities.
An Artificial Intelligence system may serve as a virtual concierge for the intake of client information and the preparation of standard and routine legal documents and agreements for the benefit of your clients.
Conflict checking is traditionally an area of difficulty for many law firms, especially as the number of clients increases and as companies enter into more joint ventures and combinations.  Methods of Artificial Intelligence can recognize connections between documents, clients, and other information, and retrieve relevant information with significant results.
Conducting a comprehensive due diligence review in connection with the huge amounts of data that are part of any merger, acquisition, or other sophisticated corporate transaction is absolutely necessary. An AI system may provide an opportunity to perform such due diligence in a faster, cheaper, and more thorough fashion instead of relying on a high-priced and bleary-eyed team of lawyers.

Case Studies


Hogan Lovells is an international law firm co-headquartered in London and Washington, D.C.  with approximately 2,500 lawyers working in more than 40 offices in the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia.


As part of the Mobile First, Cloud First strategy at Hogan Lovells, the firm identified redundancy and inconsistency in the way different applications across the organization interacted with corporate users and data. The firm wanted to create a scalable and repeatable architecture to allow mobile apps and other cloud-based applications to access data and integrate business services including the services hosted behind the corporate firewall without compromising security.


Motifworks created an API management architecture using hybrid cloud to leverage the benefits of Azure cloud platform and improved ease of line of business application integration. Using Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) services, Motifworks team created standardized, secure and scalable Enterprise API architecture to simplify integrations and workflows.


A Leading Global Law Firm


  • With 2700 partners across the globe, finding the right partner with specific areas of expertise is a challenge
  • The solution must be easy to use and accessible


Created a Natural Language Processing and Chatbot Application to provide a quick and easy people search using a conversational interface with concierge-type services.  Additional uses include service desk, issue resolution, and fact-finding capabilities.


  • Easy to use application implemented


  • 411 for company intranet to reduce the number of help desk and HR inquiries.